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One of the few chinese restaurants left
in toronto’s original chinatown


People love this Hakka restaurant’s
chili chicken so much, they’ve tried to
crack the recipe


Yueh Tung is the birthplace of
Hakka-inspired chili chicken

CBC News toronto

I was first introduced to Hakka cuisine in the early 1980s in Colombo, Sri Lanka. And again, after we moved to Scarborough in 1990.

blogTo News toronto

Yueh Tung is one of the few Chinese restaurants left in Toronto’s original Chinatown, which is just east of the current one and transforming into a Little Japan or Little Tokyo.

Toronto News

The Friday lunch hour at the Yueh Tung is busy, and it started early. The stairs leading up to the second-floor restaurant on Elizabeth Street at Dundas Street East are packed..

Breakfast Television

Roger visits local Toronto restaurant ‘Yueh Tung’ at 126 Elizabeth St. This family run Chinese restaurant has been in business since 1986!

Daily Hive

Torontonians are obsessed with the chili chicken at this downtown Hakka joint. The 25-year-old restaurant serving Chinese-Indian dishes represents the delicious cross-cultural cuisines that excel in this city.

The Toronto Star

For the last 20 years, Sudhir’s favourite meal at Yueh Tung Restaurant has remained the same: rice with chili chicken…

Toronto Life

Like many Chinatown stories, this one begins where another ends. I’m at Yueh Tung—the Hakka Chinese restaurant where I last ate—with Chinatown historians Arlene and Leo Chan…

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