Hakka Chow Mein with Sweet Soy Sauce at Yueh Tung Restaurant

With hopes of starting a new and better life in Canada, a young couple left India and set out for Toronto with their two young children. Like most immigrants, Michael and his wife struggled very hard just to make ends meet. They took on a series of odd jobs and worked long hours just so they could put food on the table for their family. After five years of scrimping and saving, Michael and his wife decided that they needed to take this opportunity to finally open up their very own Hakka restaurant.

With luck on their side, they managed to find two experienced partners to help them start their restaurant. After searching for locations for some time, they found a tiny gem located in the corner of Dundas and Elizabeth – the original Chinatown of Toronto. Coincidence would have it that the restaurant was called “Yueh Tung”; it was named after a famous Hakka fishing village located in their ancestral homeland of Southern China. A turn for the worse happened when their new business partners had to withdraw after only two weeks. Refusing to see his dream break apart, Michael was determined to continue on. He seized on the opportunity to recreate a menu that he was passionate about.

Michael wanted to share the foods he and his wife ate while growing up. These included the sweet and savory Hakka Chow Mein, spice packed Shrimp Pakora, the aptly called “Yum noodle” or Hakka Garlic and Egg Sauce Noodles, and the traditional Pork with Preserved Vegetable. The two most popular dishes that put Yueh Tung Restaurant on the map were Chili Chicken and Manchurian Chicken. Cooked dry or with sauce, these authentically original dishes became the whisper of China Town and made Chef Michael and his wife’s dining room packed.

Michael and his wife have come a long way since their arrival in Toronto, and they’re incredibly humbled to have been given this great opportunity of sharing all of their favorite dishes with their wonderful guests. Twenty five years later, our family still looks forward to continually serving the community of Toronto and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon at our table.

Yueh Tung is a family owned restaurant, serving Toronto with specialty Hakka dishes and traditional Chinese favorites for the past 25 years. We specialize in spicy Hakka dishes such as Chili Chicken, Chili Shell-less Shrimp, and Manchurian Chicken. In addition to this, we are also known for our large variety of traditional Chinese favorites such as Hot and Sour Soup, Ginger and Green Onion Lobster, Steamed Black Cod and Shrimps in Lobster Sauce.

Our mission remains the same as when we started decades ago; we strive to serve you simply fresh, simply priced, and simply great Chinese food.