sliced pork, bbq pork, chicken, calamari, prawns, and mixed vegetables over chowmein
chicken broth, vermicelli, sliced chicken, baby bok choy with Hakka Miso.
shanghai noodle, pork and shrimp wontons, garlic and green onion
Shanghai noodle, bbq pork, beansprouts, onion, and green onion tossed in Hakka Sweet Soy
shanghai noodle, chicken, shrimp, cabbage, onion and green onion
vermicelli, shrimp, BBQ pork, beansprouts, green peeper, onion, green onion and egg tossed in curry spices
vermicelli, shrimp, bbq pork, beansprouts, green peper, onion, green onion and egg
crispy chowmein, calamari, prawns, scallop and mixed vegetables
crispy chowmein, tiger shrimp, mixed vegetables
crispy chowmein, fish, green pepper, Spanish onion
wide rice noodles, beef, beansprouts, onion and green onion wok-tossed together
wide rice noodles, beef, spanish onion, green pepper, black beans
crispy chowmein, beef, mixed vegetables
crispy chowmein, chicken, mixed vegetables